Tee Mats

The solid foundation every player and course eventually needs. 

Driving in disc golf is a dynamic motion requiring firm footing, that's where the tee mat comes in. There are many different options out there but we believe only one stands up to the damp British Climate - well laid  long pile astro tees. 


The first option and also the cheapest is...none.  Tee mats, depending on the course, are, for us, a luxury item to begin with.   They will improve the course they will give players a better experience but they aren't vital until footfall makes them vital. 

With this in mind we often recommend for the first few months of a course to just use the natural ground as the teeing area.  As footfall increases, erosion will increase and tee mats will become a necessity, happily they will have been paid for by the players using them!

When a tee is needed we do two as standard.  An advanced tee - 1.5 x 3 meters and a beginners tee 1 x 1.5 meters - sizes may vary slightly depending on the land.  

These are long pile hardwearing astro mats requiring no infill.  They are fixed to a timber frame dug into the ground and fixed by posts at four corners, this is then backfilled to create an even surface for the tee mat to sit on - depending on the ground type some aggregate may be needed to create an even finish under the mat. 

We again produce these as mow over mats, so they are set a couple of cms under ground level, not enough to be a trip hazard but enough to allow players to run on without issue and to allow mowers to mow over the top.